Glorification Of Alcohol

Stop glorifying the booze.

3 min readJan 9, 2022


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I remember being at a wedding, there was an absurd bar. The shelves went from the floor to the ceiling, in every shelf there was a bottle of liquor highlighted by different LED colors. It was a complete wall of liquor bottles, the holy shrine of alcohol.

Even though I was still drinking at that time, I thought this is a little over the top.

The glorification of the magic drink is everywhere. There are advertisements for alcohol on every corner. Social media accounts are showing the fun part of alcohol. In movies and series, the actors are drinking as if it is en-vogue and the right thing to do.

When you are with a group of people and the word alcohol is mentioned, they will start to giggle, and stories about adventures with the help of the booze will start. You will hear things like: “I never say no.” “You only live once.”

You won’t hear something like: “You have a hard drug with you?” “ Let’s take this drug, because I can moderate it.”

That’s all normal drinking is, some people are able to moderate the quantities of a hard drug.

With that logic, I could also moderate prescription-pills. Just one-fourth every second week. Why not? I could also take out some Amphetamine and snort it on a company party. Where is the difference?

What do you think would happen? People would shake their heads and label you as a junkie. The giggling would be over very fast.

I am not advocating taking this drugs, but I am advocating for more restrictions for alcohol.

If you think of alcohol as a hard drug, it is just crazy how available it is here in Germany and in many other western countries. It is also bloody cheap here, you can get half a liter beer for 30cent or a Vodka bottle for 5€. With 5€ you can drink yourself into unconsciousness. But not if you are drinking responsibly of course.

When I walk out my door, there are two kiosks and one Pizza-Maker, all of them are selling alcohol. Small groups of drinkers like to gather there to be near the fridge with the drug. It’s basically the same scenario when dealers are selling their drugs. When I drive down the road, there are gas-stations where you can get…




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