Beer Junk Turned Into Athlete

Talking to a sober mate.



Today I have an interview with a friend for you guys. He is sober for 7 month now and was able to build an impressive physique and drop 13kg of fat during his abstinence. You can see the picture below, let us get into it.

  1. When did you start drinking?

The first time experimenting with alcohol was at the age of 14. We had no idea what an appropriate dosage would look like. Most of the time it led to full intoxication, with vomiting and a sick stomach for days. Not a pleasant experience. At that time, I was an ambitious skateboarder. After long sessions of sports, weed was the preferred drug, fitting way better to my life.

2. For how many years have you been drinking?

When I decided to quit completely, I was drinking for about 20 years. The last 8 years of drinking I would consider as problematic.

3. How much were you drinking towards the end of your “career” ?

At the latest stage of my career, I was looking for as many spots to get drunk as possible. In average about 3 times a week, always feeling the urge to drink until full intoxication. Beer was my drink of choice. I like the taste, and perhaps I was telling myself, “It’s only beer”. Drinking four liters of beer an evening were pretty standard and manageable for me.

4. How did alcohol impact your life?

The worst impact was definitely the swings of my mood. After a night of drinking, I felt a bit depressed. My emotional resilience was at rock bottom, sometimes for days. As soon as I had a new spot of drinking in sight, I was extremely happy. At parties, I was always the last guy being awake, having deep chats with friends, oftentimes until 8 o clock in the morning.

5. When did you realize your drinking habits become problematic?

I am a big gaming enthusiast since I was a kid. But in my late 20s and 30s I started to drink when gaming just to add a little spice. Sitting alone in front of my computer, drinking and gaming for years, was definitely worrying me. But my ability to conceal it was top-notch. At one point, I got shocking news. My close friend and gaming partner died by stroke at the age of 37 without any prior warning. This made me realize how unhealthy this lifestyle is, and I quit drinking for about 2 months. After that, I got back to my regular drinking habits pretty quickly. The real…




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