Christmastime And Holidays

3 min readDec 31, 2021

Time for reflection and relaxation.

What is going on, folks? What have you been up to? I hope you all had a great Christmastime.

All I did on the holidays: was laying on the couch eat eat eat and scroll Reddit and Medium for hours. There were some walks and meetups in between, but I made sure to stay in the comfort zone.

Who said something bad about the comfort zone? It is the best state of all, let’s be honest. But unfortunately it doesn’t give you any money, muscle, or knowledge.

The good thing is, it was all enjoyable without alcohol. Normally I would start to drink in the afternoon while helping with the food and continuing my way up. A very logical behavior because it is Christmastime.

On Christmas dinner, I would make some pressure to open the first bottle of sparkling wine. I would also make sure there will be a second bottle opened. Also, my glass had to be the fullest. Is this greedy behavior?

I didn’t notice such manners in other people at my table. They just drank their glass and that was it, no pressuring for another bottle or other signs of greed.

Why? Why would you want to drink one drink? Does it even have an effect? I drank to have shaky feet and a rush of endorphins, not to speak a toast and sip on my glass.

How? How do you even have one drink? Seems like torture to me. Like having a huge plate of pasta in front of you, but only being allowed to have two forks from the plate. That is real torture right?

Never mind, luckily I don’t have to deal with the back and forth of moderation anymore. Still it is very interesting how different our brains are wired towards alcohol.

Another interesting thing was: Nobody offered me alcohol, pressured me or asked why I am not drinking. I think I am considered a non-drinker by now, that makes it really easy to stay sober because it confirms my new personality.

That were my experiences while staying sober this holiday. My conditioning that I have to drink on this occasion was wrong, and I am happy about it.

Today is New Year’s Eve guys, I hope Santa brought you all the presents and the 2022 fairy will make all your dreams come true.

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