Live and let live

This realization makes my mind ease up.

2 min readDec 5, 2022

When getting older, I noticed a strange trait in myself. I was starting to judge people more and more.

I was very fast a noticing what somebody does wrong, be it with his life or his finances.

Firstly, I thought that I am right, and I know very often what to do and what better not to do.

After a while, when realized I am annoyed by every second person, I had to dig deeper and reflect.

Maybe I or my thinking was the problem after all. Because I did not have all that judgy thoughts when I was younger.

After some thinking and reflecting it finally hit me and this realization helps me a lot to free myself from the judgment and know-it-all mindset.

As long as it is not illegal, everybody can do and say whatever they wish.

I have no business to judge, or to wish somebody would behave the way I like them to. Pointing fingers on others, means pointing the finger far away from myself. That is a behavior I do not want to cultivate.

Furthermore, thinking and talking too much about others is a pure waste of energy and could be invested better by focusing on my goals and my behaviors.

Even if somebody talks rubbish about me or tries to put me down. It is no problem, because the talk of others is not part of my identity or a spot on my to-do list.

So this time when I catch myself starting to judge and to ruminate about the live and actions of others. I force these thoughts to stop and let the acceptance come in, which is an amazingly freeing feeling.

How do you deal with your judgy side?




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