Why Do I Even Write?

A big motivator came up

3 min readOct 24, 2021

First of all, I hoped for a super-fast 100.000$, like they promised me in some articles. Then I had to realize this is not that easy, and found other very good reasons to write.

Writing is not a particularly straightforward activity for me. I am not a native English speaker, I have to look up vocabulary all the time, look for ideas, worry if my punctuation is right and so on.

In addition to that, I am writing a lot about a sensitive topic, addiction. It took me some courage to publish my first article. I had to realize, a lot of my worries were completely wrong, and nobody cares anyway. That helps.

Lets stop the whining about my problems as a random Blog writer on Medium, and jump to my benefits of writing:

  1. I am practicing English and writing in order to improve my skills.
  2. I want to cultivate some consistency for my own discipline.
  3. I train to put myself out there (besides the doubts and fears)
  4. It feels freeing to write and reflect about problems and non easy topics.

5. Here comes the biggest motivation for writing this article.

A friend of mine called me some days ago and told me he is sober for 6 weeks. After a 17 hours drinking and poker-session, he finally had enough and decided to try sobriety. He told me,our conversations and some of my articles helped him along the way. My friend, if you read this: I am super proud of you, and I am happy for you.

That is a really big motivator for me to stay sober and to keep on writing. There is no better feeling than to get acknowledged, and help somebody when you go and create something.

That is it for today my friends. Have a nice and relaxing Sunday.




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